Making dreams come true is a huge deal. It is the delicate meeting of chance with determination, luck with will-power. Making your dreams come true means you allow yourself to dream, to imagine, to envision yourself in a new reality, and then take the progressive steps towards making that vision a reality. Easier said than done. In order to make any dream come true you need these five audacious steps.

1- Dare to Dream

Nothing will happen if you don’t allow yourself to look outside of your current reality. You will never reach someplace else if you only can envision yourself here and now. The reality you are in is great, as long as you realize that it constantly changes and can change into something else only if you dare to dream it.

2- Don’t Listen to Nah-Sayers

The world is filled good people who cannot look outside of the box and when you try to tell them that there is another way, or if you start dreaming, they will tell you to stop wasting your foolish time. Do not listen to them. Everyone who ever did anything amazing with their lives did what was outside of the norm of the society they were living in. If they say you can’t do it, smile, walk away, and find people who say you can.

3- Make a Five Year Plan

Though that may seem like a crazy far-away time frame for you, it is not. Sit down with paper and pen (or on your computer) and decide what is it you want your life to look like in five years. Be specific in your vision and then, sit down and break it down to see what steps you need to take to make that five year plan happen. Do you want to save a bulk of money, get a degree, travel the world? What things need to happen before that dream can come true? When do they need to get done. This organized plan will take that huge dream into doable steps

4- Make Your Money Work For You

Without money you will not make those dreams come true. You need to have the financial freedom to make your dream a reality. Learn to spend so much less and save so much more. Open a savings account with good rates to keep your money working for you while you work to save it. The more money you can put into your savings the more real your dream will become. You may have to look around to find the best saving account for you, but keep in mind you might need a quick access to your funds as you travel. I would recommend asking your banker which account will meet your travel needs.

5- Do It

It is scary to make dreams come true. Sometimes, complaining but staying stuck is easier. And, when you are ready, there will always be another obstacle or excuse as to why you should postpone or cancel. Don’t. Take the leap, do the impossible, enter the unknown and do it.

Many people talk a lot about making dreams come true. We’ve found great inspiration in The Nomadic Family, a family of five who walk the talk and blog about adventures around the world. Now in their third year of non-stop world travel, this amazingly open family shares what and how they made their dreams come true, most notably in their ebook Saving For a Dream. Follow them, or others who inspire you to make your dreams come true. You deserve it.


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