The holiday season is on and you are planning for that perfect dream holiday with your family. Many are the times that an expected holiday turns tragic and stressful, simply because you failed to plan ahead. There are so many advantages when you plan ahead. It ensures that you spend within the budget limits that you have set. It facilitates you to take everything that you require rightly. It also helps you to understand peoples’ cultures and the most fascinating destinations in this country. The other thing is that it helps you in making early reservations to avoid late dramas. So, Mauritius holidays packages cater for everybody in terms of preference and budget constraints. Below are some of family activities in Mauritius.

Ship cruising

A Shandran sailing club offers a sailing adventure of a lifetime. This also serves as an opportunity to gain sailing skills safely under supervision of a qualified instructor. Maneuvering lagoon tranquil waters gives an extremely nice feeling and even enhancing your abilities on a laser, windsurfer or a catamaran. The club is recognized by the international sailing association and therefore if you undertake the whole sailing course both theory and practice, you will you will graduate with both sailing license and a log book that is globally accepted. The better part is that you don’t have to book ahead; you merely need to enroll immediately on arrival and start your lessons.

Deep water fishing

The other excellent family fun activity to undertake in Mauritius is deep sea fishing. The best time of year is between March and November. Almost all the hotels and beach resort offers the fishing adventure. They all have safe fishing boats and equipments.

Riambel horse riding

Semiarid beach horse riding in Mauritius will blow you away. Riding on calm and friendly horses in Riambel center will make your holiday unforgettable. The center is for both experienced riders and beginners. Therefore you can take your whole family for horse riding lessons that will always linger in their memories for a very long time. The center is secure and trainers are very experienced and accommodating.

A visit to Casela Nature and Leisure Park

Casela Nature and Leisure Park is among the most famous park in Africa. It contains different species of birds for you and your family to see. Walking beside a large pride of lions makes one fascinated. There are lots of animals to see but an old tortoise that is between 130-150 years old is very interesting. Taking photographs in all dimensions and angles is permitted and this creates unforgettable memories for your family for many years to come.

Trou d’Argent Beach

This is termed by many travelers as a magical place. It is a very quiet place with a rocky coastline that has virgins sand. The sand paints a wonderful picture of your fruit prints. Sun bathing and swimming in pure water is very enjoyable for your whole family.

Tamarin Bay

While sailing to the bay you are matched with an enchanting view of beautiful landscapes. The bay is a very secluded place and therefore is very ideal for the whole family.

For the whole vacation to be successful with little or no set backs. It is of utmost importance that you book your flight to Mauritius early enough to avoid missing out. Then go through the website of different accommodation hotels in Mauritius and choose the most appropriate one in terms of your liking and budget. If this is done then you are assured of a having a dream holiday in Mauritius.


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