Traveling has become a passion to most people who look into having a wonderful time away from the monotonous tasks. However, the choice of destination is very important and should be thought through well. One place which will certainly satisfy your thrill for travel is Istanbul in Turkey. This part of Turkey has a lot of attractive historical locations in addition to having wonderful accommodation options. The options include hotels, hostels and apartments while Istanbul apartment prices are varied and which is depends on your preference and budget. For instance, the hostels are ideally priced if you want to save on money while having great accommodation. Still, for extended stays, you can decide to book into a hotel or go for an apartment for a more personalized stay. When it comes to site seeing, some of the best historical places here include:

1. Basilica Cistern

This is an underground wonder which you have to make a point of visiting when in this location. It used to serve as a water storage chamber during the earlier times. It is located beneath the square known as stoa basilica which provides a unique underground experience. The basilica cistern is made of 36 beautiful marble columns in addition to the vaulted ceilings. The mysterious yet attractive aspect of this underground location is the presence of two columns which have an image depicting the famous head of medusa. Therefore, the location is amazing and worth visiting when in Istanbul.

2. Istanbul Archeology Museum

One can never talk of History without having a museum in mind. This is the location which harbors important memories and objects worth preserving. In respect to this, there is the archeology museum here which has millions of artifacts on display for the visitors. This museum is split into three parts namely the main museum, tiled kiosk museum and the ancient orient museum. Notably, it has some of the most remarkable pieces of history including the most treasured item which is the Alexander tomb.

3. Rumeli Fortress

This is another ideal historical destination which was built in 1412 by ottoman sultan. The fortress was mainly built to block the city’s supplies. The construction took about 4 months and was done by people amounting to 3000. It has great views from its towers which you are sure to enjoy.

4. Topkapi Palace

It is one of the most popular sites in Istanbul which is ideal for travelers to make a stop. The palace covers a whooping 700,000 meters squared. This area is occupied by courtyards, main palace and other locations. There is much to see in this place including the great ottoman architecture, and belongings of Prophet Mohamed which are an important part of the Muslim Culture. Audio tours are also available if you so wish.

5. Blue Mosque

The blue mosque is yet another iconic historic location which is very popular. It was built in a decade precisely from 1606 to 1610 by sultan Ahmet 1st and is famed for its grand and ornate interior. The name Blue Mosque is well complemented by the array of blue tiles used in its making.

Conclusively, cultural Heritage is an important aspect which is much appreciated and this area of turkey has ideally assured of this. By travelling to the named historical locations, there is much to see ranging from museums to palatial locations. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a wonderful vacation which incorporates learning with fun, then this is the ideal destination.


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