Taking a look at the casino resorts in Europe will show you a huge difference in proportion compared to the United States. While Las Vegas has some of the biggest such establishments of the world, with hundreds of rooms, tens of restaurants, and an infinite number of video poker games, table games and slot machines, European casinos tend to be smaller, and more specific in their destination. No wonder – Europeans are allowed to gamble online.

The European Union has more liberal laws on online gambling than the US. While in the US online gambling is banned in most states, the EU has chosen to regulate the business. This means that Europeans in almost all countries of the Union can freely head over to the All Slots Casino, load its desktop or mobile gaming platform and start playing for real money whenever they want. And they have some very good reasons to do so. First of all, casinos are most often located in state capitals – out of reach for many players. Besides, the All Slots has a collection of games large enough to be attractive for any player. Last, but not least, the All Slots offers its players some of the most attractive special offers in the industry.

Now let’s see which cities are the best for those seeking some gaming action while traveling in Europe.

1. Monaco – for tradition

Monaco is a small, independent principality near the Mediterranean shore of France. It is the destination of choice for many tourists – celebrities and ordinary folk alike, especially during the Grand Prix, the only street Formula One race in the circuit. But it also has one of the oldest casinos in Europe.

The Monte Carlo Casino was built in the late 19th century, and it serves its original purpose ever since. During the day it can be visited by tourists, but at night it becomes the meeting point for the adventurous, looking for some gaming action. A place filled with history, big wins and adventure – it’s worth a visit.

2. London – for exclusivity

When you hear London, casinos are not the first thing to come to mind – it’s rain, tea, or Doctor Who, depending on who you ask. But London has quite a few casinos open for the public, as its inhabitants love to gamble (the biggest European gambling companies are of British origin). But more interesting is the number of casino clubs that are for members only. There are quite a few of these, too, for gentlemen looking for some high roller action.

3. Prague – for diversity

Prague is the capital city with possibly the most casinos in Europe – according to various reports, it has more than 20 of them. People looking for some gambling action in the central area of the city will find several high profile casino clubs in famous hotel chains’ local subsidiaries. Most of them are open non stop.

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