Cruises are excellent for family with their immaculate lodging facilities, cuisine, activities, attractions and travel to exotic destinations. There is everything for every family member in a cruise from the little kid who believes in magic and fairy godmothers to the skeptic teenager who isn’t so convinced that it was a good idea in the first place. In the end they all love it. Cruises can be expensive and often require payment in advance. It is a good idea to take out travel insurance to ensure that any prepaid fees will be reimbursed should you have to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances. Not to mention the hefty bills that the private doctors on board will serve you if you become ill. Cruise travel insurance will cover you for cancellations, emergency medical issues, travel delays or disruptions and lost luggage during your trip. Here is a list of the top 5 family cruises in the world. Be warned each of them is way too good to miss on any day or night for that matter.

1. Disney Cruise

There is a line from Disney that goes something like ‘there is a child in every adult and an adult in every child’, and maybe that’s the reason Disney cruise is so fantastic and amazing because just like Disney’s parks, there is something for everybody in Disney Cruise. There are musicals, movies, tours, games and even an amazing 1,800 ft water play area. Part of the activities and attractions for teens involve animation lessons, science classes, princess parties and much more. Family time is more than a delight while cruising with Disney and just for record every family definitely loves it.(image by Khan Klatt).

2. Royal Caribbean

There is no way that the Royal Caribbean isn’t going to come either first or second in any list of the best family cruises in the world. The Royal Caribbean has teamed up with DreamWorks ( the creators of the Madagascar series plus other animations ) to bring you the Hollywood experience like the family has never seen it before. The family can actually have dinner with their favorite character and watch as much 3D film as they want while visiting as many exotic destination as the time aboard the Royal Caribbean affords. The suites can accommodate as many as six people and there are clubs for kids of 3- 11 years

3. Holland America Line

There is not much of Hollywood or films in Holland America but that doesn’t mean that it is not great, they may have taken their time off animated characters but not off swim parties, pajama parties, Olympic style competitions and karaoke. The loft of this cruise line is teen themed to its gut with everything that would drive a teenager crazy like night clubs, pools and well, juice bars.

4. Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise lines are not bad either for cruising around the world and exploring the attractions of lands beyond especially for families that are on a tight budget. Just like its name suggests, Carnival Cruise will take the family to its destination in a party because that is their thing. There is lots of fun too for the kids with waterslides making it to the top of kids attractions.

5. Norwegian cruise

Just because the Norwegian cruise came in last doesn’t mean it is awful in fact it would surprise you to know that in some quarters its rated above all other because in it there is so much freedom that you can actually have your dinner in the morning with a snap of your finger and much everything else you want at any time. There is even a youth program that teaches art, music and other crafts. Some of the ships in the Norwegian line also incorporate characters from the Nickelodeon network.(image by Paul Kimo McGregor).

If any family out there can afford a cruise then they should go get it and have the one moment that will always remind them of each other and of cruising, destinations, attractions, fun and most importantly of family.

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