Catalonia, situated in the extreme eastern portion of Spain, is one of Europe’s most intriguing and engaging places to visit. With its fiercely independent spirit, unique culture, and stunning architecture, it provides a striking contrast to the rest of the country. From the bustling city of Barcelona to the rugged wilderness of the Pyrenees mountains, Catalonia offers something for every kind of traveler.

Barcelona: A City of Architectural Marvels

Any visit to Catalonia has to start with Barcelona, the second-largest city in Spain, and the cultural hub of the region. The city has some of the most beautiful architecture in Spain, including many buildings and monuments designed by the famous architect Gaudi. Everywhere you look, you will see signs of his handiwork – from balconies that seem to emerge organically from the sides of buildings to the enormously impressive Sagrada Família.

Started in 1882, Sagrada Família is a large basilica that combines the Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms that are the signature of Gaudi’s work. Although the church is unfinished, it has already been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The intricate details and grandeur of this structure will leave any visitor awestruck.

Another area of Barcelona that is a must-visit is La Rambla. This 8-mile-long avenue dates back to 1440 and has been the center of Barcelona city life since then. It is home to many markets, museums, baroque palaces, and even the Liceu opera house – one of the finest in the world. Step into the side streets of the Ciutat Vella – or Old City – and you will enter a warren of narrow passages that suddenly open into spacious courtyards where people gather on warm sunny days. There are also many fine restaurants within the Ciutat Vella and more reasonable establishments that serve the local cuisine. However, you need to remember that dining here is a late evening activity, as it is in much of Spain – don’t expect to find a restaurant open before 9 o’clock.

Where to Stay in Barcelona

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Barcelona, several good upscale hotels are situated on the Avinguda Diagonal, a broad avenue that dissects Barcelona from west to east. However, if you want to experience Barcelona life to its fullest, consider staying on La Rambla, where you will be in the heart of the action. The Citadines Ramblas Barcelona is an excellent option for those looking for a comfortable stay in a central location.

Beyond Barcelona: The Attractions of Catalonia

While Barcelona is undoubtedly the star attraction of Catalonia, the region has much more to offer. For instance, if you are looking for a rugged taste of the outdoors, pay a visit to the Parque Nacional de Aiguestortes, located in the wild mountainous landscape of the Pyrenees. You can trek through the unique flora and fauna or bike out on one of the park’s paved routes.

Alternatively, visit the old town of Tossa De Mar, located about 60 miles from Barcelona. This is the only fortified medieval town still in existence along the Catalan coast and has remained largely unchanged since the end of the 14th century. Here you will see ancient battlements, turrets, and parapets surrounding a charming area of narrow cobblestone streets.


Catalonia is a region apart, offering a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking something beyond the usual tourist destinations. From the architectural marvels of Barcelona to the wild beauty of the Pyrenees mountains and the medieval town of Tossa De Mar, Catalonia has something for everyone. So why not plan a trip to this fascinating region and experience the best of Spain’s unique culture and heritage?


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