Malaysia offers some of the most breathtaking and exotic destinations for honeymooners across the world, it’s dotted with several resorts which are very suitable for people who are just married and looking for a favorable atmosphere to enjoy themselves, you will find such destinations at Malaysia. Langkawi district in Malaysia is very popular as an ideal locality to find the best offers, its classic hotels and resorts are favorably located to offer honeymooners memorable experience they have been looking for.


Langkawi is one of the most beautiful tropical Island in Malaysia, it has several resort which are tastefully made for the purpose of romantic getaways, it’s pristine beaches are colorful with palm trees swaying all over, among such resorts is Four Seasons Langkawi located in Jalan Teluk, Datai, The Datai all are five stars Resorts with exclusive facilities for accommodations.

Penang offers some of the most picturesque features within its beaches with pristine alluring resorts and hotels which are suitable for honeymooners, this Island has many activities for honeymooners like sand bathing, sightseeing some of the old Chinese merchant houses. With moderate budgets.(image by Simon G).

Kualar Lampur.

It offers very memorable hotels suited for honeymooners since it’s the capital city of Malaysia, it’s very central for people traveling there for honeymoon making it very ideal and easily accessible for honeymooners, there are more than fifty hotels in Kualar Lampur which are well appointed for honeymoon with full facilities of a five stat class, Traders hotel and Seri Pacific hotel are some two hotels with all the luxury and ambiance for honeymoon.


Malaysia, is one of the most romantic destinations around here with it’s re known white beaches, it’s tastefully decorated with several beach hotels and even highland resorts clubs, it’s streets are a semblance of of old colonial towns making it breathtaking and adorable place, it’s marketed itself as the preferred honeymoon destination for Asian Honeymoon.

Tioman Island

Tioman Island is historically known for being a location for fictional movie in 1958 known as Bali Hai, it’s a unique Island with several water sport and several tourism activities, it sports several prestigious hotels and resorts with are magnificently fitted with all facilities a newly wed couple can enjoy, you can choose several spots among the best chalets near the beachfront Champung to luxury resort set of panoramic private beaches like the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort, the best time for honeymoon is during the dry seasons months of May and September.

Pangkor Laut Island

Is a pristine idyllic private Island located at the West Coast Peninsular of Malaysia, this exclusive privately owned Island has some of the World’s leafy Bays which are well appointed for honeymooners and people who want to be in secluded and quite Island, here you will find the Beach of Emerald Bay with fully fitted accommodations facilities, The Pangkor Laut Resort is one of the facilities you will find here with it’s rustic interior decors and tasteful accommodation five star facilities overlooking the water, it’s just a wonderful place for honeymooners.


Borneo is another lovely place in Malaysia which offers some of the unspoilt beaches, it’s fond of wildlife making it ideal place for honeymooners who want extra adventure and gift of nature, and by touring around the Island to see fauna and flora, Bornei has some of the world’s most hidden secrets in it’s pristine resorts and scattered within it’s Islands, there is the Saba, Sarawak and Pulau Island with good resorts and hotels suitable for honeymooners, visit Gaya Islands resort or Borneo Rainforest Resort, you will find an idyllic place with all luxury fittings with a view to lovely thick forests and wildlife here.

Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is also another wonderful place for honeymooners, it’s mostly relaying a nice countryside atmosphere with canopy of tea plantations, with fresh air and a sweet smelling aroma of fresh tea, that is the type of environment you will find here, visit one of it’s luxury resorts or hotels, you have a variety to choose from, The Lake-house Hotel in Cameron Highlands is just one among many to enjoy your memorable time with all facilities and various activities to enjoy like trekking, sightseeing and the wildlife.

Redang Island.

Redang Island is one of the nine Islands making up the archipelago famous for it’s rich marine life, this pristine Island is an ideal honeymoon destination due to the fact that there are lots of places to go near the beaches, with it’s more than 100 species of corals and fifty types of fishes, it’s undoubtedly a place you will enjoy, it’s white sand beaches ideal for sunbathe and trekking a long the beach with your love, it offers seventeen resorts which are of class and luxury with a view to West China sea, go diving and spot several fishes like turtle, salmon as you enjoy your diving in this archipelago Island.

Perhentian Island.

Perhentian Island is one of the famous Islands in Malaysia known for it’s diving and sunbathing activities, with it’s clear blue water along the coastline, you can enjoy kayaking, fishing along the coast of this Island or see the Turtles and many other marine rich life here, with it’s beautiful resorts and hotels dotting the coastline, you will find it very breathtaking for a romantic getaway with your love after tying the knot, you can book your accommodation at the Watercolors Paradise Resort, Tuna Bay Island Resort and many others where you can enjoy your stay and have a memorable experience.

Indeed Malaysia offers some of the wonderful places for honeymooners, with its several destinations for such breathtaking experiences, you will find it ideal for that special time in your life with your love since you have a variety of all what you require in your honeymoon to choose from.

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