Southeast Asia has always been known for its rich culture, traditional monuments and pristine beaches. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are on the top of the vacation list for adventurous tourists. Apart from the amazing fun of visiting Southeast Asia, the following 10 things must be considered to be prepared of risks and have a clear knowledge to make the most of the tour.

1. Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok:

This place records itself as the longest road stretch all over the world. It comprises of a series of street markets, small shops and within which lie many big shopping malls. A trip to Southeast Asia can never be complete without shopping at Sukhumvit Road. The most important thing to remember is that everything available on these shops is negotiable and you can get things at a very cheap price.

2. Nha Trang Coastline in Khanh Hoa Province:

The Nha Trang Bay is a massive beach for adventure sports like diving and snorkeling. More so there are shacks at the beach which provide a resting place that turns into a rocking disc at night. Beer and scotch come at surprisingly low cost than US and Europe because of being locally manufactured and served right from barrels.

3. Petrona Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur:

Malaysia’s tallest building cannot be left without a visit when touring to the Southeast Asia. It is much more than Backpacker’s streets. Astonishing lights decorate the long twin towers which are surely a treat to the eyes.

4. Mekong River in Laos Island:

Take yourself away from the thrill and excitement of the posh areas and sneak for a sunset at the Laos Island. Swing yourself in a soothing hammock besides the Mekong River and find a total serenity like you have experienced never before.

5. Siem Reap in Cambodia:

Religion can be best experienced at the famous temples of Cambodia like the Angkor Wat. People here are very humble and like to welcome tourists with a flood of complements.

6. Banaue Rice Terraces in Philippines:

The Banaue Rice Terrace comes from thousands of years in the history. If you are staying at the Manila resorts then hire a local transport and quickly savor the beautiful Banaue Rice Terrace at Philippines.

7. Hanoi in Vietnam:

The popular Bai Hoi drink of Hanoi in Vietnam is worth the money. They have a trademark of providing low plastic stool and people enjoy a mug everyday out under the fresh air. Even those who don’t drink would fall in love with chez style of beer brewing.

8. Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia:

The mount Kinabalu is too main stream, while the main thing to consider at this place in Malaysia is the Kinabalu National Park. Many exclusive and almost extinct species of animals and birds move around in this eco tourism garden.

9. Highway cruise in Vietnam:

The best way to enjoy and capture lovely moments on your trip to Vietnam is to travel on the Highway by hiring a motorbike. They are available on hurly basis.

10. Bagan in Myanmar (Burma):

The Mandalay Division in Burma consists of an admirable place called Bagan that sites astounding massive pagodas which are no less than a fantasy.

These ten things associated individually with a particular place each are a must remember point while visiting Southeast Asia. One more point to note is to opt for public transport wherever possible; it not only saves your money but lets you get the most of the local public culture of Southeast Asia.


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